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Before and After Gallery

Below are some examples of the treatments we provide here at Diamond Dental Clinic.

Crowns and Veneers

We use crowns and veneers in more complex cases. They can be used to hide any imperfections and enhance the look of a patient’s smile. Here are a few examples of recent crowns and veneers done at the clinic.

Composite Build-ups

Composite Build-ups can enhance the appearance of your smile. Using white composite filling material, we can add white filling to your teeth, without having to remove any of the original tooth, giving your smile a fuller, natural look.

Amalgam to White Composite Filling

Although amalgam fillings, maybe more commonly known as silver fillings, are quick and easy to place, white composite fillings are more natural looking in the mouth. More patients are choosing to place white fillings due to visibility in the mouth when laughing or smiling. Here in the clinic we can replace your amalgam filling with an equally strong an durable white composite filling. Here are a couple of examples.