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What else gets cleaned behind the scenes?

Just because our front teeth look good, doesn’t mean we should forget about our back teeth! The same concept applies to the dental surgery itself. When we think of ‘the dentists’, what usually comes to the forefront of our...

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Tooth infinity and beyond

Can our teeth last forever? In 2007, scientists in Spain found a tooth from a distant human ancestor that is more than one million years old. What we are certain of is, if we strive to take care of...

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5 Year 5K Charity Run

In celebration of five years at Diamond Dental Clinic, on Saturday September 6th 2014, we hosted our first 5K charity run. All proceeds from the event went to Cancer Research UK, with a total of £2051 raised for this...

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5 Year 5K Run

Loughry College Mid Ulster Sports Arena (MUSA), Cookstown, September 6th, 2014 Start time: 12.30pm. Registered Athlete – £7, unregistered Athlete – £9. Registration will take place between 10.30am-12.00 noon, in the Committee room, in the new changing block at...

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Child’s Play at Diamond Dental Clinic

Childhood habits often last a lifetime. At Diamond Dental Clinic we focus on forming good oral health habits from an early age. That’s why on Saturday March 1st we opened our doors for a Kid’s “Healthy Teeth” morning, with...

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