The Changing Face of Dentistry

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“Nothing personal, but I don’t like dentists”

That statement is unfortunately an opening line we hear much too frequently from new patients. Getting to know these patients, the common base to their feelings stems from a previous bad experience in the dental surgery. It would seem that the collective memories of dentistry make us as popular as traffic wardens or tax collectors.

Thankfully times are changing. A trip to the dentist is now a more positive experience. Patients’ expectations have grown, and rightly so. The dental surgery has become a more supportive and friendly environment. From the smells, sounds, to the decor, everything is designed to reduce anxiety and increase comfort. Pain free dentistry is now the norm.

Patients have come to expect cleaner, whiter, straighter teeth. Dentistry is constantly evolving to provide better techniques and better technology to meet those expectations. Communication between patient and dentist is now more open. Dentists have become better at listening to what patients want, not just prescribing what they need. By using digital x-rays, intra – oral cameras and computer animations, options are now more easily explained. Written estimates for each treatment option take away any uncertainties about choices available.

The advances of social media and internet have meant gaining information about services and facilities available at a dental surgery has never been easier. Patients now have more freedom than ever in deciding where and when to attend the dentist. This power to choose is what will keep dentistry constantly changing and improving, which means in the future “Nothing personal, but I don’t like dentists.” will be a phrase of the past.