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“What is composite bonding/ build ups/ veneers?”

Composite bonding is the application of a tooth coloured resin material to shape the original tooth to enhance your smile, giving it a fuller and more natural look, and the best part is you don’t have to remove any of the original tooth! Composite bonding is a modern way to restore the teeth; either for cosmetic reasons or to build up the tooth structure that has been lost over the years.

“Is there a difference in composite bonding and porcelain veneers?”

Composite bonding and porcelain veneers are both ways that you can enhance the beauty of your smile by improving cosmetic concerns. Porcelain veneers are a custom restoration which are prepped and sent to the lab, meanwhile the patient will have temporary veneers until the finished product is constructed and are then cemented to the teeth. Porcelain veneers usually take 2 or more visits to be completed and require some tooth enamel to be removed for their placement.

Composite bonding requires no tooth preparation or removal and can be completed all in one visit!

“Do I need numbed for treatment?”

No! Unless we are removing old restorations, you do not need to have nay local anaesthetic administered to undergo the treatment. It is completely pain free and requires no drilling of the teeth.

“I have very sensitive teeth; can i still get it done?”

Composite bonding is extremely versatile and since there is no need to remove any of the tooth’s enamel it is suitable for people with sensitive teeth!

Bonding does not harm your teeth in any way and it can help decrease your sensitivity by sealing the nerve endings as well as protecting the underlying tooth from anymore wear.

“Is there an advantage to composite bonding rather than porcelain veneers?”

Composite bonding requires overall less chair time for the patient. As opposed to multiple visits for veneers and waiting for the finished product; bonding can be completed all in one visit. It is super fast in comparison. Its is a safe treatment and requires no needles, as well as being non-invasive to the teeth and requires only adding material onto the tooth without removing any tooth structure like a veneer preparation, therefore it is kinder to your teeth.

“How long does the treatment take?”

We require anyone that is considering composite bonding to firstly book a consultation appointment with us so we can gauge what your concerns are and whether you are eligible for the treatment. This appointment will last 30 minutes and you will have the opportunity to ask all the necessary questions as well as receive a quote for the price of your own personal treatment plan depending on how many teeth will require bonding.

The second appointment will be booked following your first visit with us and will be the day you walk away with your new and improved smile! The main procedure can last between 2-3 hours so we do advise that you have eaten beforehand as well as used the bathroom to aid your own comfort during your treatment. We are aware it may seem like a long time in the chair bit it is a small price to pay for your dream smile!

“Can I still whiten my teeth after the composite bonding?”

We advise all patients if thy are not happy with the colour of their teeth before the bonding or were considering whitening them in the future, to whiten them before we place the composite as the colour of the resin that is chosen cannot be altered once it has been placed.

If you choose to whiten your teeth beforehand it is a treatment that we can provide, simply ask your dentist about it.