Composite Bonding/ Veneers aftercare

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Composite bonding/ veneers aftercare instructions:

If you have any difficulties or queries with your new smile or any adjustments you would like made, we ask that you would not hesitate to arrange an appointment with the Dentist that carried out your treatment.

How will it feel afterwards?

Much like changes to the teeth with any treatment, your composite veneers will feel new at first and you will be aware of the surfaces for a few days. Be sure to take extra care when biting down during this period until you have become used to chewing with your new smile.  The composite resin is fully set on placement, therefore you should be able to eat, drink, brush and floss with ease and confidence on the day of your treatment and the days thereafter.


After your procedure we advise that for 2 days following your treatment you rinse your mouth using a hot salt mouth wash: boil some water, add a teaspoon of salt and leave it to cool down then swill this around your mouth to help the gums to heal from any irritation that may have been caused after your treatment.

You should continue to brush your teeth as normal the same day and at least twice a day from then on. We encourage patients to take extra care to ensure the edges where the tooth meets the gum line are cleaned well to prevent gum irritation and staining. We always advise patients to floss as well as use interdental Tepe brushes in their daily routines; using mouthwash (Listerine or Fluorigard) at a separate time to brushing is also encouraged. We recommend brushing with an electric toothbrush with a rotating head (Oral B) along with a main brand tooth-paste containing fluoride.

Will my retainers and whitening trays still fit?

In many cases you may be provided with a new retainer after treatment or tooth whitening trays as your old ones will no longer fit your new smile. In some instances bite guards are also recommended for patients who would be partial to tooth grinding in their sleep which can lead to tooth wear. These can all be made within the practice.