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Are you looking to fix your smile but don’t want to undergo any invasive treatment? Then Composite Bonding/ Veneers might just be for you!

Our very own Principal Dentist Dr Liam Diamond has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry; including smile design, tooth whitening, composite bonding and composite veneers. Having attended courses with some of the Worlds Best Aesthetic Dentists including Walter De Voto, Gerard Chiche and Konrad Meyenberg, Liam is building a reputation for clinical excellence!

As well as Liam Diamond, our more recent addition to the Diamond Dental team who transitioned from our sister practice Cassidy Dental; Dr Mark Friend, also has a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry including tooth whitening and composite bonding/ veneers.

If you want to see more of what could be possible for your smile; click the link below to see Dr Liam Diamond and Dr Mark Friends Instagram pages with plenty of Composite Bonding/ Veneer cases to view.