What else gets cleaned behind the scenes?

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Just because our front teeth look good, doesn’t mean we should forget about our back teeth!
The same concept applies to the dental surgery itself. When we think of ‘the dentists’, what usually comes to the forefront of our mind is the waiting room and the chair! Commonly not thought about are all the areas of the surgery that can’t be seen.  In fact an integral part of our clinic is what’s known as the Sterilising Room. Here at Diamond Dental we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our sterilising process. The long room comprises two doors at either end. Nursing staff bring the used equipment in one end and with the help if a few hi – tech machines, it is disinfected and sterilised at over 130°C. After drying, the freshly sterilised equipment is stored at the other end ready for the next appointments.
So, just as important as front of house is behind the scenes hygiene; what’s brought in one door of the sterilising room, must leave the other door clean!