No longer down in the mouth during Lockdown

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What a strange few months it has been since the coronavirus arrived at our shores. What was normality, still seems a long way away. As dentists, working inside patients mouths, we had to down tools until we could safely lift them again. Keeping everyone safe, while providing whatever service we could, became the biggest puzzle we had ever encountered. 

Solving the puzzle 

Telephone triaging patients seven days a week, with limited treatment options for those with extreme issues, became the new “norm”.

Some of that treatment came from us volunteering in Urgent Treatment Centres, where drills were allowed, but access was limited.

Daily information meant daily decisions and as risk assessments were made, guidance on how we could treat safely was drawn up. Having digested, adapted and implemented the new guidance, we set about preparing our clinics and team for a safe return to seeing our patients. Protocols, procedures and PPE became paramount. Unravelling the backlog of cases awaiting our attention was, and still is a challenge. With extra diary management and two surgeries required per dentist, we have been working hard to return services to our patients. 

mic is that I work with an amazing group of people. Every challenge and obstacle that has been placed in front of us has been tackled with an enthusiasm that even I hadn’t expected. On a personal note I want to thank the teams at Diamond Dental and Cassidy Dental, Magherafelt (our sister practice) for their unwavering support. Our patients are in good hands! I am also extremely grateful to our loyal patients who have been so understanding and supportive even when they were having difficulties.

What now?

Access to dentistry has never been more restricted. Good oral hygiene and dietary habits are the keys to avoiding dental emergencies. Our mission is to continue to promote the best oral health practices and regular maintenance appointments. We will are working through the treatments that patients have been waiting on since lockdown. We know as the pandemic continues we will have more challenges ahead, however I know they are ones together we can solve.