Save your teeth and your pocket

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The current economic climate is producing more than its fair share of grinding and clenching of teeth, not to mention nervous nibbling on chocolate.

Good news for those worried about finances is that most dental problems can be prevented and the first step is proper home care. Many of the problems we see as dentists can be avoided. Simple tips like brushing your teeth twice daily for a minimum of two minutes each time and using a fluoride toothpaste will go a long way to reducing the need for action from your dentist.

A lot of people forget a crucial piece of your daily prevention regime: Flossing. It improves the health of your gums and reduces the risk of decay between teeth.

Conserving money is high on everyone’s agenda at the moment. One common mistake people can make is to skip check-ups or cleanings as they try to save a few pounds. It is human nature to say, “I can’t afford it right now” or “If it doesn’t hurt, I don’t have a problem.” What ends up happening is what would have been picked up at a routine examination and fixed with a simple filling, ends up needing an extraction or root canal therapy. So your teeth and pocket suffer.

At Diamond Dental Clinic we focus on the two things which people look for in a dental practice; an excellent experience and excellent value. This is why over 1,800 new patients have been welcomed into the clinic in the last two and a half years.